There are many sources on the Middle East, and I will post updates on this topic as I learn of more.  Right now, here are some of the places I visit.  This is really a SAMPLE of hundreds of sites.

Since this is by no means a complete list of all the sources I have,  if you have a particular focus or concern, please let me know and I will give you anything else I have that is suited to your needs. I will add more to this list later, so please check back. (I should also mention that listing anything here is NOT an endorsement of that group, merely a recognition of its significance as an information source.)

~ Romi

☼  Al Ahram Weekly Front Page

☼  Al-Awda
The Palestine Right to Return Coalition

☼  Al-Jazeerah.Net

☼  Tariq Ali

Alternative Information Center [Jerusalem]

Joint Israeli/Palestinian

☼ ♀ Arab Woman blues
Layla Anwar

☼  The Arabist
Felicity Arbuthnot
☼  The Association of Forty
The Association for Recognition of the Unrecognized Arab Villages
☼  Gilad Atzmon
☼   Baghdad Burning by Riverbend [no longer active]

☼  Sam Bahour


As-Sultan Inal Mosque, near Cairo

Bay Area Women in Black

☼  Birthright Unplugged

☼  Birzeit University
Right to Education Campaign

☼  Bitter Lemons

Blogging the Middle East

☼  Boycott Israeli Goods
₪ ☼ B’Tselem – Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories

☼  Cactus 48

☼  Juan Cole
Informed Comment

☼  Committee to Ban Economic Sanctions

Rachel Corrie
Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice
Rachel’s Words

Dictatorship Watch [Pakistan]
“Putting dictatorship in the broader context of de facto colonization”

☼  Electronic Intifada

☼  Electronic Iraq

☼  Electronic Lebanon
Free Palestine Movement
Digital Ship to Gaza

The Gaza Flotilla Archive
“What happened in international waters off Gaza on 31 May 2010?

₪ ☼  Haaretz
☼  Ikhwanweb
Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) Official English Website
International Solidarity Movement
☼   Islamicity

☼  Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions

Dahr Jamail’s Middle East Dispatches

Jewish Voice for Peace

☼  Rami Khouri

Lawrence of Cyberia
☼  Machsom Watch

☼   Mondoweiss

☼  Neturei Karta
Jews United Against Zionism

☼  Palestine Remembered
Ilan Pappe [Israel]

Peace Now
Settlements watch project

Mazin Qumsiyeh [Palestine]

Raed in the Middle

☼ ♀ Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

Sabbah’s Blog

☼  The Edward Said Archives

☼  Kawthar Salam

☼  Salam Pax [Iraq]
☼  Scottish Palestine Solidarity Committee

The Shministim Letter
“Refusing to serve the occupation!  We are Israeli teenagers who refuse to take     part in an army that illegally and brutally occupies Palestinian Territories and are     willing     to pay the price for our struggle against the occupation and in favor of

☼  Shovrimshtika
“Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories”

South Lebanon
“Our Resistance Is Forever Eternal.”
☼  Stop Caterpillar

☼   SudanWatch

☼  Sumoud
“A political prisoner solidarity group”

☼  Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

☼   Middle East Watch
☼  Tikkun

Turkish Viewpoint
“… to facilitate communication between Turkish and non Turkish peoples…”
☼  Uruknet

Viva Palestina
“A Lifeline from the United States to Gaza”
Washington Report on the Middle East

☼  Who Profits?:  Exposing the Israeli Occupation Industry

☼  ZNet Middle East Watch