Latin America doesn’t get as much attention as the Middle East in the MSM (mainstream media), but there are some serious goings-on right now in Costa Rica, which I can’t help but think will have implications for Columbia and perhaps Venezuela.  Here are a few sites about Latin America that I like. I will add more to this list later, so please check back, or post a reply if you are concerned with issues in this region.

~ Romi

La Voz de Aztlan

Quotha (Honduras)

Adrienne Pine (adrienne at quotha dot net), who has been described as “a one-woman wrecking crew against the golpistas in Honduras and their handlers, paymasters, apologists and lackeys in DC” is a militant anthropologist doing her part to overthrow the corporatocracy. She is based in Washington, DC, where she learns from and teaches anthropology to the fabulous students at American University.

UpsideDown World

Activism and Politics of Latin America

This is one of my favorites, and really deserves a good look.

Venceremos Brigade

There are actually quite a few good sites about Venezuela.  Let me know if you are interested, and I will post more.

Vivir Latino

Willoq boys

Willoq boys
Location: Willoq community in the Sacred Valley near Ollantaytambo outside of Cuzco, Peru