There are many organizations, of course, that do outstanding work for peace in the Middle East.  But, some of the best commentary on the issues and events comes from bloggers.  Three of my favorites are Lawrence of Cyberia (Diane Mason), Mondoweiss (Philip Weiss) and Dahr Jamail.


Baghdad Burning by Riverbend [no longer active]

Anna Baltzer

Bethlehem Bloggers

Max Blumenthal

Juan Cole
Informed Comment

Juan Cole is a Professor of History at the University of Michigan.  He is fluent in Urdu, Arabic and Farsi and is an excellent source of information on the Middle East.

Dahr Jamail’s Middle East Dispatches

Gaza Mom:  The Writings of a Mother from Gaza

Jefferson Corner
Sami Jamil Jadallah, On My Mind

Jewish Peace News

Journey to Gaza

Lawrence of Cyberia

Lebanese Chess



Confrontation.  Jabaliya Camp, Gaza, Palestine

Palestine Center Blog

Peace for Gaza
Ayman Quader
“To bring the Palestinian suffering to the whole world”


Nir Rosen

Sabbah’s Blog

Kawthar Salam

Salam Pax [Iraq] May no longer be posting.

Syria Comment

Gila Svirsky: A Personal Website [Jerusalem, Israel]

Tikun Olam – Make the World a Better Place
“Essays on politics, culture and ideas about Arab-Israeli peace and world music”  by Richard Silverstein

Hesham Tillawi

Under the Holly Tree
“…it is said that disputes are often settled ‘under the holly tree.’”

Uprooted Palestinians’ Blog

The Villages Group:  Cooperation in Israel-Palestine
“Perhaps we cannot bring about a general peace, but we can perform deeds of     peace”

Voice from Gaza

A Voice from Palestine

Wake Up from Your Slumber

We Will Return
[in Arabic and English]

Whose War
“The latest word about the neoconservatives and their influence on American  foreign policy in the Middle East”

Window Into Palestine
“New perspectives on the Palestinian people & what‘s happening in Palestine”

Winds of Change in the Middle East?

The Women of Iraq