The numbers of insightful blogs and websites from the Middle East are many.  Here are a few more worth reading.

~ Romi

Fishing Under Fire

Frustrated Arab’s Diary
“…Raja Chemayel aka Sherlock Hommos”

Ah, Raja!  The poet who speaks Truth to Power!


“Ikhras” is classical Arabic for “shut up!”  This website articulates the frustration with phoney Arab rulers, and calls for assertion of geniune rights and needs of the Arab people.

“… unprincipled Arabs and Muslims posing as representatives of their communities… These groveling, kowtowing clowns are not the voice of Arabs and Muslims in America.  They are members of the mythical “Arab Lobby” eager to demonstrate their loyalty at every opportunity, desperate for approval and validation, busy garnering support among the corporate, news-entertainment industry,  and engaging in that never ending quest for acceptance among the power elite.  To them we say you are a hindrance to our cause, a blight on our community, and a detriment to better understanding and increased solidarity among Arabs and Muslims and other citizens of this country, and the world.”

The Magnes Zionist
[A very nuanced Zionism.  See the Wikipedia article on Judah Magnes, at
“Self Criticism from an Israeli, American and Orthodox Jewish Perspective”

Judah Magnes was active in Palestine in the 1930’s.  He taught tolerance of his Arab and Muslim neighbors.  Sadly, his voice was not heeded as the Zionist nation swung towards a fascist and intolerant hatred.

Sayyada Ruqqaya Mosque