Some of the worst war crimes during the long war crime known as the Iraq War occurred at Fallujah.  Doctors are seeing high rates of birth defects there as a result of the chemicals used during the the brutal crushing of the resistance there.

It is not easy to find material on Fallujah.  Here is some of it.  The best known of the videos is probably “Fallujah:  The Hidden Massacre.”

~ Romi

Dahr Jamail.  “What I saw in Fallujah.”                       

Fallujah Coverage:  Video of the Hidden Massacre

Fallujah:  The Hidden Massacre

Justify My War. Documentary film by Jason Coppola compares Fallujah with the  massacre at Wounded Knee.   I have not been able to locate a distributor of this film.  Please post it if you know of one.  Thanks.

Remember Fallujah

The Road to Fallujah