Here is a continuation of my listing of blogs from around the world.  Most of these blogs reflect my longtime concern for the Third World, and the effects of Western imperialism on indigenous peoples.


Gaza Mom:  The Writings of a Mother from Gaza

I have quite a few blogs from Gaza.  This is the only one I will list for now.

Michael Geist [Prof. U. Ottawa, Internet and e-commerce law]

Global Guerrillas
“Networked tribes, systems disruption, and the emerging bazaar of violence.     Resilient Communities, decentralized platforms, and self-organizing futures. By     John Robb”

Tony Greenstein’s Blog [UK]
“Socialist, anti-Zionist, anti-racist”

Guelph Now! [Canada]
“The personal blog of Phil Allt”

Guerrillas Without Guns
“Utopean Means for Imperial Gain in the Former USSR”

Haiti Analysis

Haiti Justice Blog

Haiti Reborn

Kelly Sans Culotte

Hands Off the People of Iran

Zameerul Hassan [Lahore, Pakistan]

Honduras Oye!
“… news, analysis, opinion, photos, videos and important alerts straight from     the Honduran Resistance in the streets.”

Inca Kola News

Indigenous Voices
“A live Bluestocking Bookstore event…”

Iran-Persia Blogspot

Irish Girl

Jefferson Corner
Sami Jamil Jadallah, On My Mind

Kenyan Pundit

Khabrein [India]

“Scholarly commentary on Middle East politics, culture and media coverage”

Yumi Kikuchi’s Blog and Podcast [Japan]

Carlos Latuff [Rio de Janeiro, Brazil]
“Would you like to join the army?  Better read these comics first!”
Tales of Iraq War

Carlos Latuff is a well-known cartoonist who regularly lampoons The Empire and Israeli aggression in Palestine.

The Laughing Diplomat
Carlo Ungaro

Leftclick [Austalia]
“Blog and Multimedia for a Left and Green Perspective”

Leitin að Svörum [English and Icelandic]

Live in Guyana
[I would appreciate analysis and comments on this blog.  Romi]
“Slow fire! Slow fire!  Restarted…”

Antony Loewenstein [Australia]

Liam MacUaid [UK]


Ashin Mettacara [Burmese Buddhist monk]
“Free Press for Freedom of Thought, Belief and Expression”

Mi Mundo

Ghulam Muhammed. Mumbai

The Mossadegh Project
“‘If I sit silently, I have sinned.’  ~Mohammad Mossadegh”

Munaeem’s Blog

Mundo dos Sonhos

My Two Beads Worth

Navajo sand painting by thebestfromjmh7

Navajo sand painting.

Native Pride
“…taking the mystery out of our traditional beliefs so they cease to be beliefs     at all and become understanding and awareness of what is real.”

Native Vote Washington