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Adrian Salbuchi
“Consultor International, Escritor y Conferencista”

Salty Current

See No Evil:  The Blinding of America

Sehar Says… http://

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Seta’s Armenian Blog
“…contemporary issues which concern Armenia and Armenians everywhere.”

Siberian Light
“The Russia blog”

Snuffy Smith’s Blog
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Srebrenica Genocide Blog

Jane Stillwater’s Web Log

Rick Rozoff
“Opposition to global militarism”


An old refugee woman sits quietly at a refugee camp setup for victims of the flooding that has recently ravaged Pakistan.                   

Hesham Syed [Pakistan]
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Teeth Maestro [Pakistan]

Tog’s Place
John Tognolini
“Reflections of an Unembedded Australian Radio Man”

Turkish Forum

Turkish Viewpoint
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Aled Dilwyn Fisher’s Blog [NE London Green Party]