As the crazies ratchet up their ravings about the effrontery of Muslims to build an Islamic complex several blocks from the “sacred” site of the former Twin Towers, the plethora of voices questioning the “official” lies about 911 grows.  I am one of many who not only believes that our government has lied about 9.11, as it has so many other things, but that such lies show that our government is a gang of war criminals and psychopaths, worse even than Nazi Germany, against which my own father fought in the US Army Air Force so long ago.

The parallels to Adolph Hitler’s burning of the Reichstag in 1933 are seldom pointed out.  Hitler used that “false flag operation” as an excuse to end civil liberties in Germany and whip up anti-Semitism.  Now, the “new anti-Semitism” is hatred of the “other tribe” of Semites, the Arabs.

I haven’t been following this issue all that closely, though, so I will be glad to hear of other sites that may have reasonable evidence about what happened on that day.

~ Romi

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