Today I came across a few more sites about 9/11.  Given that a lot of people are impressed whenever military officers open their mouths, I think the second site here is a good one to know about.

~ Romi

Cherchez la Veritez [Search for the Truth]
“One 71-year-old’s search for the truth:  911, election fraud, illegal wars, Wall     Street criminality, a stolen nuke, the swine flu scam, control of the US government     by global corporations, the unjustified assault on Social Security, media complicity,     and the “Great Recession” about to become a second Great Depression…”

Military Officers for 9/11 Truth

Tyranny Alert
“‘A government afraid of its citizens is a Democracy.  Citizens afraid of Government is Tyranny.’ ~ Thomas Jefferson”


9/11 Inside Job  photos/charlespickens/371324495/