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Photos of Babies Deformed at Birth as a Result of Depleted Uranium (DU) 2003 photos: Dr. Jenan Hassan

My father fought Hitler in World War II for the right for his children and grandchildren to live in a FREE COUNTRY.  He was a  tailgunner and photographer in the Army Air Force and completed 52 missions over southern Germany and the oil fields of Vienna.

So, until they come to take me away to torture me along with the other Muslims at Guantanamo and the CIA’s black sites, I am going to continue posting sites that tell THE TRUTH about depleted uranium.

~ Hajja Romi

Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility
“Radioactive Byproducts of Depleted Uranium”

Photos of Babies Deformed at Birth as a Result of Depleted Uranium (DU) 2003 photos: Dr. Jenan Hassan

Congressman Kucinich on Depleted Uranium

Photos of Babies Deformed at Birth as a Result of Depleted Uranium (DU) 2003 photos: Dr. Jenan Hassan

Gulf War Vets
Depleted Uranium

Photos of Babies Deformed at Birth as a Result of Depleted Uranium (DU) 2003 photos: Dr. Jenan Hassan

Pandora DU Research Project

Photos of Babies Deformed at Birth as a Result of Depleted Uranium (DU) 2003 photos: Dr. Jenan Hassan

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore
Irving Hall

Photos of Babies Deformed at Birth as a Result of Depleted Uranium (DU) 2003 photos: Dr. Jenan Hassan

World Uranium Weapons Conference, Hamburg, 2003

Photos of Babies Deformed at Birth as a Result of Depleted Uranium (DU) 2003 photos: Dr. Jenan Hassan

All photos by Dr. Jenan Hasan at

Photos of Babies Deformed at Birth as a Result of Depleted Uranium (DU) 2003 photos: Dr. Jenan Hassan


This evening a friend sent me links to two YouTube videos of the takeover of the National Archives two years ago by the Iraq Veteran Against the War.  One of the veterans (I think it’s Gordon Sturrock) gives an unforgettable speech about how we need to reestablish democracy in this country and arrest George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

The videos are at

The first one was taken during the IVAW takeover of the National Archives, and the second has an awesome speech with a prediction about the elections.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
Storm the Hill ‘09 Campaign

~ Romi

Some other sites that may interest people in GI resistance.

Courage to Resist
“Support the Troops who Refuse to Fight!”

The GI Rights Hotline

GI Sanctuary City
Bellingham, Washington

Gulf War Vets
Depleted Uranium

Military Families Speak Out

Military Project
“(Military Resistance, formerly GI Special)”

Traveling Soldier

Under the Hood Café [Ft. Hood, Texas]
“… a place for soldiers to gather, relax and speak freely about the wars and     the military. Support services for soldiers include referrals for counseling,     legal advice and information on GI rights.”

VA Watchdog
“Keeping an eye on the VA because somebody has to!”

Veterans Against Torture

Veterans for Peace
“Veterans working together for peace and justice through nonviolence.”

We Are not your Soldiers!
“National Anti-Military Recruiter Tour with Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans and
World Can’t Wait”

Women Against Military Madness

MadisonWS.jpg posted Sep 30 2008 – 2:36pm

Ben Thompson made a promise that he would talk about what he saw in Abu Ghraib. On Saturday, September 27th, he kept that promise, testifying at the local Winter Soldier event in Madison Wisconsin. Members from around the midwest joined Thompson to talk about their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to continue the work IVAW started last March at Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan outside Washington DC.

There are many people who feel the issue of nuclear disarmament is THE central issue of our age.  Like a lot of people, I suspect, I can’t even “get my head around” this problem.  It is too frightening, and I suspect that this is one reason that advocating nuclear disarmament is always a tough sell, and why public support for nuclear disarmament (and related issues like nuclear power plants and DU) doesn’t seem to get much “traction” in Washington.

At any rate, here are some good organizations and websites about this issue.  As usual, I will update this list as I become aware of other groups, and I welcome feedback and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.


P.S.  I have not included military or defense sites on this list.  There are, however, several general peace groups here, but I have not included groups which are focused on biological or chemical weapons, cluster munitions or other specific types of weapons.  I will post those at a later time, insha Allah.

The Abalone Alliance

The Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy
“…to promote effective approaches to international security, disarmament and  arms control.”

Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp

Alliance for Nuclear Accountability
“A national network of organizations working to address issues of nuclear     weapons production and waste cleanup”

Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility [California]

American Friends Service Committee

Felicity Arbuthnot

Arms Control Association
“The authoritative source on arms control”

Beyond Nuclear
“Working for a World Free from Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons”

“C-10 envisions…a clean, safe, sustainable, non-nuclear future”

Campaign Against the Arms Trade

Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility

Canadian Peace Alliance

Center for Nonproliferation Studies
“Combating the spread of weapons of mass destruction with training and analysis”

The Chigoku Shimbum [Hiroshima, Japan]

Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade

Fellowship of Reconciliation

Friends Committee on National Legislation

Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

Global Security Institute
“Promoting security for all through the elimination of nuclear weapons”

Green Nuclear Butterfly
“We Are The Revolution”

Greenpeace International
Nuclear Reaction
“Blogging the Meltdown of the Nuclear Industry”

Institute for Policy Studies
“Ideas into Action for Peace, Justice and the Environment”

The Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy, Inc.

Los Alamos Study Group
“Nuclear Disarmament. Environmental Protection. Social Justice. Economic     Sustainability.”

Malu Aina [Hawaii]
Center for Nonviolent Education and Action

Mennonite Central Committee [pacifist Christians]

Muslim-Christian Initiative on the Nuclear Weapons Danger
“Dialogue and Partnership in Caring for God’s Creation”

Nevada Nuclear Waste Task Force

No Nuclear [Sweden] [in Swedish and English]

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Nuclear Free Future Award

Nuclear Free Future Month
“A Month of Nuclear-Free Awareness and Action”

Nuclear Free Zone, New Zealand

Nuclear Information and Resource Service [NIRS]

Nuclear Threat Initiative
“Working for a Safer World”
Global Security Newswire

Nuclear Watch South

The Nuclear Weapons Archive
Israel’s Nuclear Weapons Program

Peace, No War
“War is not the answer, for only love can conquer hate”

Ploughshares Fund
“Investing in security and peace worldwide”

Project for Nuclear Awareness
“Working to End the Threat of Nuclear Weapons”

Sortir du Nucleaire
“…currently the main French antinuclear coalition…”

South Asians Against Nukes

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
The Arms Trade

Student Peace Action Network

The change in Administrations in 2009 did NOT mean the end of torture or the closing of Guantanamo.  AmeriKKKa is still a police state.

These sites have more information on torture, imprisonment and related issues.

Again, I will be adding to this list, so check back or contact me for more information or to suggest additions to this list.  I welcome constructive criticism, of course.

~ Romi

Act Against Torture
“It’s up to us to stop torture and indefinite detention”

American Torture
“The official website of author Michael Otterman”

Free Detainees

The Guantánamo Blog
“From the Law Office of H. Candace Gorman” [Chicago civil rights atty.]

Guantánamo Testimonials Project
“a long term research project to assess the effects of the U.S. war on terror         on human rights in the Americas”            project/index

International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims

Senator Carl Levin. “Levin, McCain Release Executive Summary and                 Conclusions on Report of Treatment of Detainees in U.S. Custody.”

Steven H. Miles, M.D. “Medical Investigations of Homicides of Prisoners of  War in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Public Committee Against Torture in Israel

International Federation of Actions by Christians for the Abolition of Torture

International Network of Psychologists for Social Responsibility. “Repatriation as Part of a Reconstructive Process in Torture Survivors.”

National Religious Campaign Against Torture

Torture Law

United Against Torture
“Coalition to Combat Torture in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian                 Territory”

U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights
International law

When Healers Harm

“Hold Health Professionals Accountable for Torture”


Wikileak. Changes to SOP [Standard Operating] Procedure Guantanamo Bay 2003-2004.

Witness Against Torture
“A Campaign to Shut Down Guantanamo”

World Organization Against Torture

One of the true heroes of the twentieth century is Mordechai Vanunu, the man who revealed the existence of Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons and, as a result, spent TWELVE YEARS in solitary for it, and continues to be harassed and persecuted by the Zionist state to this day.

There are several websites associated with Vanunu.  Here are two, and if you know of others, please post them, and I will post any others I find, too.

~ Romi


Mordechai Vanunu released from jail.   photos/photographinglife/4873091084/

Israel’s Dimona Nuclear Weapons, based on Vanunu revelations

“Must see” video about Dimona, based on Vanunu’s descriptions of the place.

THE most evil weapon in AmeriKKKa’s evil arsenal is depleted uranium.

When I found out about how horrible it is, and how long it lasts (the “half-life” is 4.5 BILLION years), I was literally in shock for almost a year.

Its use by the United States and Israel is a WAR CRIME.

To find out more about it, look at these sites, which are not influenced by the “masters of war” in the “five-sided building” (the Pentagon).

~ Romi


DMZ Hawai’i
“Aloha ‘Aina”


Uranium Mine at Capitol Reef   shawn_bagley/4028003852/

These sites have articles on a wide variety of topics, and are among my favorites.  I will add more to this list later, so please check back, or post a reply if you want more references to general sites.

~ Romi


Axis of Logic

Bella Ciao [Italy]

Black Agenda Report

Center  for Research on Globalisation [Canada]

☼  Juan Cole
Informed Comment

Common Dreams

Consortium News



Dissident Voice

Global Research [Canada]

Information Clearing House

International Socialist Review

Steve Lendman

Eric Margolis

“The left side of the Internet”

Jeremy Scahill.  Rebel Reports


“Analysis of the World’s Largest Companies”


U.N. Observer and International Report



The Walrus Magazine [Canada]

World War 4 Report
“Defending the Fourth World, Deconstructing Overseas Contingency     Operations”