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Photos of Babies Deformed at Birth as a Result of Depleted Uranium (DU) 2003 photos: Dr. Jenan Hassan

My father fought Hitler in World War II for the right for his children and grandchildren to live in a FREE COUNTRY.  He was a  tailgunner and photographer in the Army Air Force and completed 52 missions over southern Germany and the oil fields of Vienna.

So, until they come to take me away to torture me along with the other Muslims at Guantanamo and the CIA’s black sites, I am going to continue posting sites that tell THE TRUTH about depleted uranium.

~ Hajja Romi

Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility
“Radioactive Byproducts of Depleted Uranium”

Photos of Babies Deformed at Birth as a Result of Depleted Uranium (DU) 2003 photos: Dr. Jenan Hassan

Congressman Kucinich on Depleted Uranium

Photos of Babies Deformed at Birth as a Result of Depleted Uranium (DU) 2003 photos: Dr. Jenan Hassan

Gulf War Vets
Depleted Uranium

Photos of Babies Deformed at Birth as a Result of Depleted Uranium (DU) 2003 photos: Dr. Jenan Hassan

Pandora DU Research Project

Photos of Babies Deformed at Birth as a Result of Depleted Uranium (DU) 2003 photos: Dr. Jenan Hassan

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore
Irving Hall

Photos of Babies Deformed at Birth as a Result of Depleted Uranium (DU) 2003 photos: Dr. Jenan Hassan

World Uranium Weapons Conference, Hamburg, 2003

Photos of Babies Deformed at Birth as a Result of Depleted Uranium (DU) 2003 photos: Dr. Jenan Hassan

All photos by Dr. Jenan Hasan at

Photos of Babies Deformed at Birth as a Result of Depleted Uranium (DU) 2003 photos: Dr. Jenan Hassan


The Israeli atrocities against Gaza in the Winter of 2008/9 were not well-publicized in the West, but they were as ugly a series of war crimes as the American attacks on Fallujah or the use of chemical and uranium weapons anywhere in the Middle East.

These are some websites which show graphic evidence of how evil the Israeli attacks on innocent civilians were.  They should be viewed with caution.

~ Romi

P.S.  I am only listing a few of the many sites which are in English.

Israeli massacre of Palestinian children in Gaza.


Los Angeles Times,0,1938550.photogallery?index=1


What Really Happened

Israeli massacre of Palestinian children in Gaza.

This evening a friend sent me links to two YouTube videos of the takeover of the National Archives two years ago by the Iraq Veteran Against the War.  One of the veterans (I think it’s Gordon Sturrock) gives an unforgettable speech about how we need to reestablish democracy in this country and arrest George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

The videos are at

The first one was taken during the IVAW takeover of the National Archives, and the second has an awesome speech with a prediction about the elections.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
Storm the Hill ‘09 Campaign

~ Romi

Some other sites that may interest people in GI resistance.

Courage to Resist
“Support the Troops who Refuse to Fight!”

The GI Rights Hotline

GI Sanctuary City
Bellingham, Washington

Gulf War Vets
Depleted Uranium

Military Families Speak Out

Military Project
“(Military Resistance, formerly GI Special)”

Traveling Soldier

Under the Hood Café [Ft. Hood, Texas]
“… a place for soldiers to gather, relax and speak freely about the wars and     the military. Support services for soldiers include referrals for counseling,     legal advice and information on GI rights.”

VA Watchdog
“Keeping an eye on the VA because somebody has to!”

Veterans Against Torture

Veterans for Peace
“Veterans working together for peace and justice through nonviolence.”

We Are not your Soldiers!
“National Anti-Military Recruiter Tour with Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans and
World Can’t Wait”

Women Against Military Madness

MadisonWS.jpg posted Sep 30 2008 – 2:36pm

Ben Thompson made a promise that he would talk about what he saw in Abu Ghraib. On Saturday, September 27th, he kept that promise, testifying at the local Winter Soldier event in Madison Wisconsin. Members from around the midwest joined Thompson to talk about their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to continue the work IVAW started last March at Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan outside Washington DC.

Some of the worst war crimes during the long war crime known as the Iraq War occurred at Fallujah.  Doctors are seeing high rates of birth defects there as a result of the chemicals used during the the brutal crushing of the resistance there.

It is not easy to find material on Fallujah.  Here is some of it.  The best known of the videos is probably “Fallujah:  The Hidden Massacre.”

~ Romi

Dahr Jamail.  “What I saw in Fallujah.”                       

Fallujah Coverage:  Video of the Hidden Massacre

Fallujah:  The Hidden Massacre

Justify My War. Documentary film by Jason Coppola compares Fallujah with the  massacre at Wounded Knee.   I have not been able to locate a distributor of this film.  Please post it if you know of one.  Thanks.

Remember Fallujah

The Road to Fallujah

We don’t  hear much in the news about Sri Lanka, but the genocide of thousands of Tamils is an atrocity that stains our conscience.  I really don’t understand it very well, and perhaps someone closer to the conflict can explain it, but I think that, as usual, there is probably it is all about racism, and perhaps the hand of Western (i.e. European and/or American) capitalism involved as well.  I don’t know much about these sites, either, and welcome comment upon them.

~ Romi

Canadian Humanitarian Appeal for the Relief of Tamils

Genocide of Tamils
“… dedicated to the Tamil victims tortured, raped and murdered by the     Sinhalese community.”

Halt Genocide
“Sri Lanka’s Genocide of Tamils”

Siber News
“… issues concerning the Tamil people…”


A mother and her child wait for their turn as Dr. Anthony Matthew, a member of Sri Lanka Red Cross mobile health care project, treats patients in a camp for Internally Displaced People in eastern Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. The mobile team, supported by the Italian Red Cross provides basic health care services at ten locations in the district every week, including two villages and camps for internally displaced people. Photo: International Federation (p16932)

Socialist Alliance Tamil Solidarity Resources

Sri Lankan News [Manama, Bahrain]

Stop Sri Lanka’s Genocide of Tamils

The Sunday Leader [Sri Lanka]


Former internally displaced civilians queue for non-food relief items in eastern Sri Lanka’s Batticaloa district. UNHCR / S. Perera / December 2009

The Sunday Times [Sri Lanka]

Tamil Affairs

Tamil Eelam News

Tamil Nation
“Tamils… a nation without a state”


Tamils Against Genocide

Techsatish [Tamil]

Voice Against Genocide [Australia]
“…against the genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka.”

Sri Lanka. Women working on tea plantations.

There are hundreds of sites and blogs about Palestine.   One of my favorites for historical information is Palestine Remembered, but if you have a specific interest or concern, please let me know.

~ Romi

Alternative Information Center [Jerusalem]
Joint Israeli/Palestinian

Alternative Tourism Group
“… a Palestinian NGO specializing in tours and pilgrimages that include critical examinations of the history, culture, and politics of the Holy Land.”

If Americans Knew

In Gaza

International Campaign for Justice for the Victims of Sabra & Shatila

Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions

The Jerusalem Fund

Palestine Centre for Human Rights

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

Palestine Land Society


Woman in flight.  The Nakba, Palestine, 1948.

Palestine Monitor

Palestine Red Crescent Society

Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Palestine Remembered

The Palestine Telegraph

Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies

Ramallah Online

Right to Education [Bir Zeit, Palestine]
“Academic Freedom Now! Support the International Campaign to Support          Palestinians’ Right to Education”

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Committee

Most of this blog is actually about the criminals in Washington.  I’m talking about nearly everyone in government.  Here are a few sites that deal specifically with the criminality of the Bush-Cheney and Obama Regimes.

~ Romi

War Crimes

International Campaign Against Impunity
“A campaign committed to assisting the prosecution of high ranking public officials     and companies accused of crimes against humanity, war crimes, genocide and     torture.”

“A global hub for free legal assistance and news and information on anti-    corruption”

The World Can’t Wait/Drive Out the Bush Regime
War Criminals Watch
“No sanctuary from prosecution”