One of the worst disasters in the long, disgraceful history of nuclear power has been the on-going disaster at Fukushima, caused by the March, 2011, earthquake and tsunami.

There are several good websites about nuclear power, including
Beyond Nuclear, ENE News, Enformable and the Nuclear Information and Resource Service.

A couple of “big names” on the issue of nuclear power are Dr. Helen Caldicott and Arnie Gundersen. Also worth mentioning is Dr. Rosalie Bertell, who passed away last year. (Gundersen) (Bertell)

There is also a really interesting film about the nuclear power industry in Japan. It is an older film, but tells us a great deal about the treatment of workers in the nuclear power plants of Japan.

“Nuclear Ginza,” part one

“Nuclear Ginza,” part two

But I digress! The title of this post is “Fukushima,” and so I will list some of the sources I have found over the past couple of years.

Fukushima Diary


Fukushima Response Bay Area

Simply Info